Bayern’s Breno Finds Career in Ashes

Bayern Munich were probably the most impressive team in the Champions League this week but as any pessimist will tell you, every silver lining has a cloud, or in the Bavarians’ case a roaring fire.

Bayern outplayed Premier League moneybags Manchester City, their 2-0 win a just reward for an outstanding display at the stadium that will host this season’s final.

In England, the result was overshadowed by Carlos Tevez’s one-man strike, but Bayern fans were aghast this week after defender Breno was held in police custody, accused of burning down his own house.

The Brazilian defender, who has played more than 20 games since being signed for €11 million, was alone in his luxury villa in the swanky Munich district of Gruenwald when a fire ripped through the property, causing more than a million euros of damage.

Bundesliga: Breno is suspected of setting fire to his own house

Bundesliga: Breno is suspected of setting fire to his own house

Forensic tests suggest that the fire was set deliberately.

So the 21-year-old Breno, or plain old Herr Vinicius Rodrigues Borges as he is now known to Munich police, is the prime suspect.

Considered a flight risk, he remains in a police cell.

With the suicide of German national goalkeeper Robert Enke a recent memory, the country is sensitive to players’ mental health. Breno’s psychiatrist rushed to the player’s defence.

“Professional football is not just a question of injured muscles or knees, ” declared Professor Florian Holsbauer. ”We must also deal with the psyche, the injuries in the brain.”

Bayern Chief Executive Officer, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, is also worried about the player’s mental state. “I have spoken to his solicitor, who says that Breno is not doing very well, which is understandable,” Rummenigge told German TV. “He is obviously psychologically very delicate.”

“It was an exaggerated measure to take him into custody. State prosecutors and also the judge must show the necessary sensitivity and fairness in this issue. There are no risks of him trying to suppress evidence or flee,” Rummenigge insisted.

Club President Uli Hoeness was less restrained.

“It is absurd to arrest a young man going through personal problems, one who does not even speak German,” an admission that says more about Bayern Munich’s language teachers than Munich’s law enforcement operations given that Breno signed back in 2008.

Hoeness, who owns one of Germany’s most successful sausage makers, is not a man to mince his words. 

”To put a man in jail who is suffering from depression is like taking the ground from under his feet. He could break. He cannot flee without his passport. I had not thought that in Germanysuch a thing was possible. Good night, Germany.”
Hoeness didn’t reveal whether Breno had watched his teammates outclass City from his prison cell. But had the Brazilian tuned in to events a few kilometers away inMunich, he would have been impressed with the manner in which City were taken apart.

“In the second half we were totally on top of them,” Rummenigge beamed.

Champions League: Bayern were too strong for Tevez and City

Champions League: Bayern were too strong for Tevez and City

Added goalscorer Mario Gomez: ”We clearly dominated the match and won deservedly.”

UEFA have given Germany an extra Champions League place next season and Bayern Munich’s display gives credence to those who believe that the Bundesliga has now overtakenItaly’s Serie A inEurope’s pecking order.

While not impressed with Germany’s police, Hoeness waxed lyrical about the nation’s top division.

“We are currently number two behind Spain, ” he insisted. ”Italy, we have long left behind us. England, we are just about to leave behind.”

An exaggeration, perhaps, but under new coach Jupp Heynckes, the Bavarians are having an extraordinary start to the season. The team have won 11 out of 12 matches in all competitions this season, scoring 31 times and conceding only once. It’s no wonder that Franck Ribery says that this is the best Bayern side that he has ever played in.

Ribery and Co.are setting European football alight. Breno can only hope his career can rise from the ashes.

Andreas Evagora

Deputy Head


The Bundesliga is back on Eurosport 2 on Friday. To kick off the weekend, Kaiserslautern host Stuttgarton Friday (20h30). On Saturday all-conquering Bayern head to Hoffenheim without Breno (15h30). Hertha Berlin play Cologne in the late match (18h30). We round off the action on Sunday with Hannover against Werder Bremen and Hamburgv Schalke. Coverage in north and east Europe only. Don’t miss it.

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